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Free MP3 Download Chants for practicing vocabulary and pronunciation!

Free downloadable English chants for children learning English. Practice learning English vocabulary and pronunciation by downloading these chant mp3's for free! Download and save them, burn them onto a cdr, and bring them to your class.
All of the chants on this page match with the MES English flashcard vocabulary and they are all free to download and use in your classes. They also match with the 123 Listening free worksheets and listening exercises Click on a chant title to be directed to the page with the chant and links to flashcards. I made a podcast with Mark from MES English about how to use chants in your classroom, you can listen to it here.

Dream English Chants: Click on a link to be directed to the page with the free MP3:
Great Start Your Class Chants: Warm Up Chants!
ABC Phonics
Animals Set 1 4 Chants
Animals Set 2 3 Chants
Body Parts 2 Chants (head, shoulders, knees, toes...)
New! Christmas Chants
2 Chants
Classroom 3 Chants
Clothing (2 Chants)
Color Chants 2 Chants (I like red chant and I don't like red chant)
Daily Routines (wash my face..)
Days of the week
Feelings (happy, sad...)
Food 2 Chants
Fruit 2 Chants
1 chant and 2 songs!
Happy New Year!
House (closet, garage...)
Places: The Zoo, The Park
People/Occupations 3 Chants
Sports 2  2 Chants
What time is it?
Verbs 3 Chants
Vegetables 2 Chants
Background Beat- simple backing track-no lyrics

For free worksheets and listening exercises to match these chants check out 123 Listening!


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Quick Links- Top 5 Free Chants

1. I Like English Chant
2. Days of The Week Chant
3. Happy/Sad
4. Clothing Chants
5. Color Chants

Rock Star Kids Rock-Chants for Elementary School Students. Now all free to download!

Free Song Downloads:
Click on a song title to be directed to the page. Click on a CD cover for more info about the CD.

Let's Count 1-10
Its a Dog
ABC Traditional
ABC Phonics

I Can Walk
How's The Weather?

Wake Up
How Are You? I'm Happy!
Put on your shoes
Let's Count to 20
Color Song: I Can See Blue
Family Song
Hokey Pokey
Jingle Bells

Happy Easter

Wheels On The Bus
Audio Warm Ups

Dream English Fun vocabulary practice Chants:

ABC Phonics
Clothing (2 Chants)
Days of the week
Happy New Year!
Places: The Zoo, The Park
For more free chants click here.

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