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The Family song has worked very well to teach about the Family in my classes. Original Song! Give it a try!

Family Song

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Song by Matt, for Educational Purposes. Copyright Dream English.

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Family Song Lyrics

Father, Father, Father, Father
Father, I see you!
Mother, Mother, Mother, Mother
Mother, I see you!

Father, lets dance, dance!
Mother, lets dance, dance!

Brother, Brother, Brother, Brother
Brother, I see you!
Sister, Sister, Sister, Sister
Sister, I see you!

Brother, lets jump, jump!
Sister, lets jump, jump!

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
Baby, I see you!
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother
Baby, I see you!


The Family Song is very simple to teach. Pre-teach the vocabulary using the flashcards (see above). I use my fingers, Father finger, Mother finger, to sing the song. When we sing each name of the family, show the finger that cooresponds. Then, do the actions, and have fun!

You can ask your students questions like, " Do you have any brothers or sisters?" The students can respond like this, " I have one brother" or " I have one brother and two sisters" or " No, I do not."

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