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Lesson Plans for Young Learners of English

Matt's Tips:

  • Go at your own pace, adjust these to your class.
  • Always start your class with a simple action warm up or song.
  • Smile a lot so that the children feel comfortable.
  • End the class with the Goodbye Song

For a free ready to print pdf file of a basic lesson plan outline click here. This outline has suggestions for a lesson, and space for you to fill in your own ideas. Use it to get you started planning your own lessons, or as your daily planning sheet.

Click on the lesson plan title to go to the page with the lesson plan and links to free supporting materials:

Preschool English Lesson Plans-Ages 1-6 Years Old:

Lesson 1: Beginning Preschool Students for 2-6 years old.

Lesson- Introducing Animals for 2-6 Year olds

Lesson- Beginner 2 to 6 year olds introducing Colors, Numbers and ABC's

Elementary School English Lesson Plans- Ages 6-12 Years Old:

45 Minute Elementary Beginner English Lesson Plan


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