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What Color Is It?

What Shape Is It?
What Are You Doing? Set 1

What Do You See? Vehicles and Transport

Song Videos by Category: Basics
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Some of the links will take you to YouTube
> The ABC Song (Traditional Version)
> Jumping ABC Song
> ABC Song Learn and Sing with Matt
> The ABC Rock Song
> Jumping ABCs (on YouTube)

> Soft Lullaby ABC (on YouTube)
> ABC Song in Space Mission: ABCDE
>UK English: ABC Song in Space: ABCDE

> Let's Count 1 to 10
> Let's Count 1 to 10 New Version (YouTube)
> Let's Count to 20
> Let's Count to 100
> Count by 1s to 100
> Counting Ducks Song
> Numbers Collection 5 Songs (YouTube)

> The Color Song
> Ballon Color Song (on YouTube)
> How Many Rainbows

Daily Routines:

> Wake Up Song (On Youtube)

> Rain, Rain, Go Away!
>The Weather Song: The Song Comes Up (Actions)

>How's The Weather Song (Cartoon)

> Old MacDonald Had a Farm
> I'm a Monkey
> It's a Dog
> What Can You Do? Action Song
Days of The Week:
> Days of The Week Song

Body Parts
> Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

> Open Shut Them Put Them On Your Head!

Phonics Songs:
> Phonics Song :1 A to L
> Phonics Song 2: M to Z
> The Letter A Song
> The Letter B Song
> The Letter C Song
> The Letter D Song
> ABC Space Phonics:ABCDE
> UK English ABC Space Phonics: ABCDE

Class Warm Up Songs
> Happy/Sad Warm Up
> Go/Stop Warm Up
> Up/Down Warm Up

> The Goodbye Song
> Yes, No, Please, Thank You Song
> What's Your Name? My name is Song
> How Are You? I'm Happy!
> If You Are Happy and You Know It
> I Like Apples
> Happy Banana
> I'm a Big Kid (I Can Eat A Lot)
> Apples Are Good For You (On Youtube)
Traditional Kids Songs Videos:
> Old Macdonald Had a Farm
> ABC Song
>Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
> Hush Little Baby
> Eency Weency Spider
> Wheels on The Bus
Holiday Songs:
> Christmas: Jingle Bells
> Christmas: We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Halloween: My Favorite Pumpkin

Rock Star Kids:
> What's Your Favorite? I like...
> How Are You? I'm Happy

> What's This? Classroom Vocbulary Chant

Let's Practice English Vocabulary Builder Videos:
> Numbers 1- 10
> Numbers 11-20
> Animals
> Colors
> Shapes
> Weather
> Feelings: Happy, Sad...
> Fruit
> Safari Animals

Matt Live Videos: From Ustream Live Performances
>Matt Sings Live # 1
>Matt Sings Live # 2: Apples and Oranges Show

Teaching Tips Videos:
Coming Soon! In the meantime, please check out the Youtube Teach Kids English Show Channel!

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