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How's The Weather? Free Song mp3 and Flashcards

Lesson: I have found that teaching the weather using hand motions that the kids can imitate, and flashcards pretty effective. For example for raining, wiggle your fingers and start with your arms high and bring them low, and say "It's Raining." For more teaching ideas, flashcards, and lyrics, see below

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Free Printables: Weather flashcards- sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy

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Coloring: Weather Coloring Sheet-use this sheet for coloring, or as a handout.

Let's Practice English: Weather! Watch this video and practice saying the weather with me! For more vocabulary practice videos, please visit Dream English TV.

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A fun and simple thing to do with weather is to use small cut outs of rain drops, and snowflakes. If you have young students and you drop the paper rain drops on their heads, they will have a lot of fun picking them up! Make sure to have them say "It's raining!" as the rain drops are falling.

Also, when teaching the weather, you can ask, "How's the weather, is it sunny?" If it's a rainy day they should answer, "No, it's not!" Then ask, "Is it raining?" the students should answer, "Yes, it is!"

Game: A very easy game is to pass out the flashcards, play the song, and ask the students to hold up their card as it is sung in the song!


It’s Sunny
It’s Sunny
It’s Cloudy
It’s Cloudy
It’s Windy
It’s Windy
How’s the weather is it cloudy? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it windy? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it sunny? (yes, yes)
It’s sunny today, let’s go out and play!
It’s raining
It’s raining
It’s snowing
It’s snowing

How’s the weather is it raining? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it snowing? (no, no)
How’s the weather is it sunny? (yes, yes)
It’s sunny today, It’s sunny today
Let’s go out and play! Let’s go out and play!

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