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Transportation Counting Song

This song is from the new " I Can Do Anything!" series. The song is written to increase vocabulary, use motor skills (clapping) and build confidence. Full lyrics, printable flash cards, poster and how to teach below.

Click here to download the Counting Transportation Song Mp3

Trouble downloading and saving? Read this page. Original Song by Matt R. Free download songs are for classroom and personal use only. Copyright Dream English.

Watch the video:

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Printable flash cards and poster of transportation. Click here to download the pdf.
Includes: bicycle, car, boat, helicopter, airplane, counting poster, coloring poster.

How to teach: Use the poster (see above) to introduce the vocabulary and numbers. Practice clapping and counting. If you can show the video, you can also use that to introduce the vocabulary and dance. If you are teaching older kids you can use the board to write out that one car has no 's' and 2 cars has an 's' sound. You may want to teach this to even younger students, using sounds only.

Students will pick up the vocabulary quickly, try using the poster and see if they can say everything like this " 1bicycle, 2 cars...:

Game idea: Fruit Basket is a popular game, and you can try something similar with the transportation vocabulary instead of fruit. Read more about Fruit Basket on Wikipedia here. You can print out a few copies of the poster and make cut-outs to play this game.

Song only video:

Counting Tranporation Song Lyrics:

I can clap, I can sing, I can do anything!
I can clap, I can sing, I can do anything!

1 bicycle, 1 clap
2 cars, 2 claps
3 boats, 3 claps

I can clap, I can sing, I can do anything!

4 helicopters, 4 claps
5 airplanes, 5 claps

I can clap, I can sing, I can do anything!
I can clap, I can sing, I can do anything!

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