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Free Mp3 Download Shapes Song : I See a Circle!

This is a fun, easy dance and song for young children. Simply listen to the song and do the actions. The lyrics may be a bit hard for the kids, so just sing a long, and don't pressure them to sing, but if they can great! They will just have a lot of fun making the shapes. Lyrics and free mp3 download below.

For a fun activity place some small cut outs of the shapes around the room, or flash cards. After I sing "I see a (shape)", have the children either pick up the shapes and give them to you, or touch the shape. You can use whatever language you like during this part. For example, pick up the cirlce, get the circle, where is the circle, bring me the circle, and so on.

Shapes Song: I See a Triangle

(Song written and recorded by Matt R. copyright Dream English 2009)

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Free Ready to Print Flash Cards: Click here. Print out these flash cards to use with this song: circle, heart, triangle, star, square, rectangle, oval.

Click here to download Small Game Cards - play memory, go fish and more!

Free Printable Shapes Book: My other website Kids English Books.com has a great ready to print Shapes Book! Check it out here. You can also read the book online, and download an audio narration of the book.


Let's Practice English! Watch this video and practice saying circle, heart and more. For more videos please visit Dream English TV.

Lyrics: I See a Circle

Make a cirlce with your hands, small circle
Make a cirlce with your hands, big cirlce
Look, look, look, look
I see a circle, I see a circle

Make a heart with your hands, small heart
Make a heart with your hands, big heart
Look, look, look, look
I see a heart, I see a heart

Make a triangle with your hands, small triangle
Make a triangle with your hands, big triangle
Look, look, look, look
I see a triangle, I see a triangle

Make a star with your body, big star
Make a star with your body, big star
Look, look, look, look
I see a star, I see a star

note: to make a star with your body, stretch your arms and legs out to make the 5 points of a star.

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