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The Download Pack is just lovely!! Just what I needed for my
classes...Thank you.

-Michela-Florence (Firenze) Italy-Teacher at State Schools

Matt, your songs are great, the kids just want to sing the numbers everyday, you should see how they smile and jump with it. And the alphabet has just the right pace for them, is not as fast as other versions and is very rhythmical, so thanks very much for your songs, all the kids love them.

-Lissette, Mexico

My usual skepticism whenever I play a children's song CD for the first time was blown away in a few bars by the Dream English CD. The songs are fantastic, simple, catchy, clear and so popular with my children. A wonderful debut album, I wholeheartedly recommend it to any one teaching Pre-schoolers and upwards. I have been using my Dream English  CD for three months now, and can honestly say it is the most refreshing and original set of songs that I have ever used.The CD is great from zero years upwards, the songs are simple, melodic, engaging ( check out the baby chuckles) and all my children love them.I look forward to more songs in the future.

-Chris Jeavons, English Event Company, Fukuoka Japan

Matt's songs are awesome!  They are a big hit with the kids from the get go.   I'm looking forward to his future CDs.
Craig Macdonald
e-mac English School

The kids, the parents, the educators and teachers as well as myself all had a blast!!!! Thanks so much for this great idea. I am hoping for lots and lots more!!!!!

Chris Caldow, Germany, Camp Lingo, regarding the free Jingle Bells Download

Great songs ! I  love them and my kids too!

-Monika, Poland, Kids Club

The songs are really good and children love singing them


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Free Downloads:
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Let's Count 1-10
Its a Dog
ABC Traditional
ABC Phonics

I Can Walk
How's The Weather?

Wake Up
How Are You? I'm Happy!
Put on your shoes
Let's Go to the Park
Let's Count to 20
Color Song: I Can See Blue
Family Song
Hokey Pokey
Jingle Bells

Happy Easter

Wheels On The Bus

Dream English Fun vocabulary practice Chants:

ABC Phonics
Clothing (2 Chants)
Days of the week
Happy New Year!
Places: The Zoo, The Park
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