Level 2 Wild Animals: Learn 12 Animal Words in English

Children are fascinated by wild animals. Watch the video with your students, and encourage them to sing the whole way through the video. See below for activities and more lesson ideas.
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Lesson Ideas

Words: rabbit, monkey, zebra, tiger, snake, hippo, lizard, lion, giraffe, elephant, kangaroo, crocodile
Target Phrases: What do you see? I see a rabbit. I see a crocodile.

1. Ask the students to name all of the animals they see in the video.
2. Card Matching Game: Make simple game cards with your students. One side is blank, and the other side draw an animal. Make two for each animal. For example, two snake cars, two tiger cards, etc. Place the cards upside down and students have to try to find a match. When they turn over the cards the teacher or students can ask, " What do you see?" and the student turning over the card says, "I see a lion" or what animal they see on the card."

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