Level 1 Numbers: Learn to Count 1 to 100 by 1s in English

Numbers are important for counting, shopping, and pronunciation. Watch the video with your students, and encourage them to sing the whole way through the video, be sure to do the actions. See below for activities with numbers and more lesson ideas.
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Lesson Ideas

Words: Numbers 1-100 by 1s

1. Ball Toss Game: Have the students make a circle. Toss a ball around and count for practice up to 20. Next, choose a number from 3-10 as the sit down number. For example if you choose 5, toss the ball with each student counting one number. When a student catches the ball and says 5, that student sits down. Continue until one student is left.
2. Ask the students, "How old are you?" They should answer, "I'm 7 years old." etc. Next, have students taking turns asking each other how old they are.
3. Write numbers on the board and ask students to say it. For example, write "55" and students have to say "fifty-five." Next, students can take turns writing numbers.