Level 2 Halloween: Learn 12 Halloween Words in English

Halloween is really fun for kids, as we can play dress up. Watch the video with your students, and encourage them to sing the whole way through the video. See below for activities and more lesson ideas.
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Lesson Ideas

Words: witch, pumpkin, owl, bat, ghost, mummy, spider, black cat, wearwolf, pirate, princess, monster
Target Phrases: What do you see? I see a witch. I see a black cat.

1. Ask the students to name all of the characters they see in the video.
2. Halloween Sit Down Game: Ask the students to make flashcards by drawing each character on a piece of paper. The teacher shows each card and says for example, "I see a mummy" Choose one character that is the sit down character. If you choose the monster, when the monster flashcard is shown, the kids have to sit down quickly. Gradually increase the speed of the game to make it more exciting!

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