Level 1 Fruit: Learn Fruit Names in English

Fruit is a fun and healthy way to teach how to ask for something nicely in English. Watch the video with your students, and encourage to sing the whole way through the video. See below for activities and more lesson ideas.
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Lesson Ideas

Words: apple, orange, grape, banana, lemon, mango, blueberry, watermelon, lime, strawberry, peach, pineapple.
Target Phrases: What would you like to eat? I would like a banana.

1. Ask the students to name all of the fruit they see in the video.
2. Shopping Game: Ask the students to draw and color the 12 Fruits from the video. Carefully cut out the fruit (with teacher supervision and safety scissors or a teacher can do it) and place them on a table like a shop. Students can take turns asking " What would you like to eat? " And students can choose one fruit each time it is their turn.
3. Fruit Matching Game:Make matching game cards with paper and crayons. One side has fruit, the other blank. Place them upside down and students have to find a match!