Level 2 Clothing: Learn Clothing Words in English

After your students learn this lesson, you can ask them everyday "What are you wearing?" Watch the video with your students, and encourage them to sing the whole way through the video. See below for activities and more lesson ideas.
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Lesson Ideas

Words: , socks, shoes, t-shirt, muscleman suit, jeans, skirt, sweater, pajamas, pants, shirt, shorts, superhero suit.
Target Phrases: What are you wearing? I'm wearing a shirt.

1. Ask the students to name all of the clothes they see in the video.
2. What are you wearing? Sharing Time: Have the students take turns say what they are wearing today.
Clothing Shopping Game: Have the students draw and color clothing items on paper. Use them for a shopping game. Use the following language: Shopkeeper "How can I help you?" Customer "I would like a t-shirt". For more advanced students, they can also use colors and sizes small, medium, and large. For example, "I would like a medium size blue t-shirt."

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