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Animal Song: It's A Dog Free Mp3 and Flashcards

This is one of the most popular Dream English songs with younger kids (ages 1-4). They love to sing the ba, ba part in the middle, and make all of the animal noises with the song. To read more about teaching this song, please see below.

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(Song by Matt R. copyright Dream English)

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See the below video to show how I teach this song in my classes:

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New! Play the free online Sounds Right Quiz Animal Game! Get all 10 animals correct, and get a certificate. Play here!




Free Printable Flashcards: As pictured above, We are happy to offer free downloadable and printable flashcards to match the lyrics of this song. This set contains the following vocabulary:dog, cat, snake, bird, rabbit and fish.

Click here to download the flashcards.

Click here to download Small Game Cards - play memory, go fish and more!

Free Animal Coloring Sheets: There are 2 animals per sheet, so you can decide to color both in one lesson, or cut the paper in half and color in separate lessons. I find coloring to be a great activity for students 2-6 years old, be sure to review the colors before you begin!

Dog and Cat coloring page
Bird and Snake coloring page
Fish and Rabbit coloring page

Handwriting Worksheets: I have also used this song with Elementary age students. It makes a good lesson to sing the song, and then practice writing. Practice writing the vocabulary and phrases of these songs with these handwriting worksheets.
Worksheet 1- Straight Vocab: dog, cat, fish, etc.
Worksheet 2-It is a dog, It is a cat, etc.

Let's Practice English! Watch this video and practice saying dog, cat and more. For more videos please visit Dream English TV.

Kids love animals, so I selected six common animals to teach some basic vocabulary and sentence structures. I also introduce three basic verbs here: hop, swim and jump. Here are the lyrics to the song:

It’s a dog (woof, woof)
It’s a dog (woof, woof)
It’s a cat (meow)
It’s a cat (meow)
Repeat #1
It’s a bird (chirp, chirp)
It’s a bird (chirp, chirp)
It’s a snake (sssss)
It’s a snake (sssss)
Repeat #2
It’s a rabbit (hop, hop)
It’s a rabbit (hop, hop)
It’s a fish (swim)
It’s a fish (swim)
Repeat #3

Need more Free materials for teaching Animals? Dream English Reccomends:

1. Animal Chants From Dream English: Animals 1 and Animals Set 2
2. Old Macdolald Had a Farm: Traditional English Song from freeabcsongs.com
3. Animal Worksheet and Listening Exercises from 123listening.com

Lesson: Introduce the animals using either flashcards, stuffed animals, or pictures. At first I think it is best to say the words slowly, then a bit faster in a steady rhythm, and have the kids repeat. If they are really young students, don’t worry if they do not repeat the words at first. For older or more experienced students you can introduce the whole phrase, “It’s a dog”.

Next, ask the students, “What sound does a dog make?” They may not understand the question, but they will probably catch on quickly and you can of course help them along. When you get to the rabbit ask, “What does a rabbit do?” I also do gestures when making the sounds. For example, for the dog I clap my hands together like a mouth and say “woof, woof”. For the cat I put my hands on my face and make whiskers, then I say “meow”. This is fun for the kids, and I think it helps them remember what the word means.

Game: Try a simple matching game. If you have two sets of flash cards, or stuffed animals and flash cards, ask the students to match the two animals. Also, a simple touch game works well. Ask your students, “Touch the Dog!”

Song: There are two ways I generally sing the song with the students:
1. Use flashcards and point to the animal as we sing.
2. Do the hand gestures (dog bark, etc.) and sing the song.

Students love to sing the “bop, bop” part. So don’t leave that out! Most important: Have Fun! If you are having fun with the song, the students will too.

Follow up: Other questions you can begin to ask: “What’s this? It’s a dog.” Or, “What can you see? I can see a dog.”

Phonics: I think it is a good idea to teach children phonics whenever possible. Using the animal names, we can teach the beginning letters of each animal. For example, B-Bird, C-Cat, D-Dog.

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