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Free Mp3 Download I See a Ball Song

This is a simple song that can be used at many age levels to teach vocabulary, actions, and even reading and writing. The main lyrics are," Ball, ball, I see a ball" and actions like, " Kick the ball!"
For teaching tips and lyrics please see below.

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(Song written and recorded by Matt R. copyright Dream English 2012)

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Lyrics: I See a Ball

Ball, ball, I see a ball
Blue ball, blue ball
Ball, ball, I see a ball
Yellow ball, yellow ball
Ball, ball, I see a ball
Red ball, Red ball

Here we go, Let's Play!

Kick the ball (kick)
Throw the ball (throw)
Catch the ball (catch)
Bounce the ball!

Ball, ball, I see a ball
Blue ball, blue ball
Ball, ball, I see a ball
Yellow ball, yellow ball
Ball, ball, I see a ball

Teaching Tips:
1. Try to find some real toy balls to teach this song. You can also use the video (see above.)
2. For younger kids, practice showing them the ball and asking, " What do you see? What color is this ball?" Then, do the actions in the song with the kids in a circle.
3. For older students, before playing the song, write the lyrics on the board and practice reading them with the students. After singing the song or watching the video, the students can practice writing the vocabulary in their notebooks. You can also do the actions with older students.

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