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Dream English Kids Songs 1: I Can Walk

Kids really like this song, because it involves fun and simple actions. It is also a great way to combine actions, with animals. I have many teaching ideas below on this page!

(Song by Matt R. copyright Dream English)

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Writing Practice Worksheets: Students can practice writing the vocabulary to this song. To view the worksheet and to print, click on the title below:

Worksheet 1-straight vocab: walk,jump,swim, etc.
Worksheet 2-I can walk, I can swim, etc.

Here are the lyrics to I Can Walk:

Walk, walk I can walk
Walk, walk I can walk
Walk, walk I can walk
Like a dog.

Jump, jump I can jump
Jump, jump I can jump
Jump, jump I can jump
Like a frog.

Mommy, Mommy watch me
Daddy, Daddy watch me

Swim, swim I can swim
Swim, swim I can swim
Swim, swim I can swim
Like a fish

Fly, fly I can fly
Fly, fly I can fly
Fly, fly I can fly
Like a bird

Mommy, Mommy watch me
Daddy, Daddy watch me

I recommend teaching the actions/verbs using the flashcards at www.mes-english.com

Click here to go to the verbs page at MES English.


This song is really easy to teach, and a lot of fun for kids. I start out by doing the actions, and then teaching the kids the English. For example, I start jumping and ask the kids to start jumping. The first step is to teach the kids the word “jump”. Next, I teach the students the phrase “ I can ___”. As always, be sure to check the meaning in the students native language. Then we put the whole sentence together, “ I can jump”.

The Mommy, Mommy watch me part, is just for fun. I have the kids point to themselves and make a cute or funny face while they sing. It is like they are trying to get their parents attention!

While we sing the song, we do the actions for: walk, jump, swim, and fly. Sometimes I ask the students to walk in a circle and do the actions, or just standing in place. If there are parents in the class, get them involved as well.

Game: Ask the kids, “What can you do?” They should answer, “I can jump!” If you have flashcards for the actions, have the kids take turns picking a random flashcard and doing the action. Have the other students ask “What can you do?” The student who picked the flashcard answers " I can jump!" and does the action.

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