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Free Mp3 Download Food and Drink Song: I Am Hungry!

This is a fun song to teach about food vocabulary and saying the phrase, " Do you like?" Download the mp3 below, and find lyrics and teaching tips. MES English has some great flashcards to use with this song. 123 Listening has great worksheets and listening exercises for this topic.

Click here to download the I Am Hungry Song Mp3

(Song written and recorded by Matt R. copyright Dream English)

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Lyrics: I Am Hungry Song

I'm hungry!
Do you like bread? Yes, I do!
Do you like cheese? No, I don't!
Do you like cookies? Yes, I do!
Do you like eggs? No, I don't!

I'm hungry (repeat)

Do you like fruit? Yes, I do!
Do you like ham? No, I don't!
Do you like vegetables? Yes, I do!
Do you like juice? No, I don't!

I'm hungry (repeat)

Do you like milk? Yes, I do!
Do you like tuna? No, I don't!

Do you like water? Yes, I do!
Do you like soda? No, I don't!

I'm hungry (repeat)

Let's go get something to eat!

Teaching Tips:
1. Use flash cards, pictures, or props to teach the vocabulary
2. Have the students sing the song, and hold up the flash card, or object as they sing. One flash card per student, etc.
3. Game: Put the flash cards on the floor and have the students sit around in a circle. All the students take turns asking another student, " Do you like milk?" or other food or drinks. If the student says, " Yes, I do!" then the fastest student to touch the milk flash card wins. If the student says no, keep asking until they say yes. Be creative, there are many variations of this game.

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