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Dream English Hello Song! Hello, Hello, Hello!

This is a fun song to get your classes started. It teaches the kids to say hello, make a circle, clap hands, and walk around in a circle! Simply play the song and do the actions and sing with your students. You may want to teach them the actions before you start the song. If you are teaching very young kids (1-4 years old) don't worry if they don't sing along, just have fun. If you are teaching a large class, you can also seperate the kids into groups to sing the song. If you want, direct their parents to this website and they can practice the song at home! It will make them have even more fun when you sing the song in class. See below for the lyrics.

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(Song written and recorded by Matt R. copyright Dream English)

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Hello Song Lyrics:

Hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello
How are you?

Let's make a circle
Good idea!

Let's walk this way(x3)
Good idea!

Hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello
How are you?

Let's clap our hands (x3)
Good idea!

Hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello
How are you?

Once you have the class started with the Hello Song , how about singing What's Your Name next?

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