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Games and Toys Song Free Mp3 Download

Kids love games and toys. This fun and simple song helps introduce some basic toys and games vocabulary in English. Lesson ideas coming soon!

(Song by Matt R. Copyright 2010 Dream English)

Please note this song is for personal and educational use only. It may not be posted on other websites, or used in any commercial project without written permission from Dream English. Thank you.

Games and Toys Lyrics

Games, games, games
Toys, toys, toys

I like baseball
I like dolls
I like cars
I like blocks

Games, games, games
Toys, toys, toys

Let's play baseball
let's jump rope
let's fly a kite
great job

Games, games, games
Toys, toys, toys

I like blocks
I like trains
I like hopscotch
I like marbles

Games, games, games
Toys, toys, toys

Games, games, games
Toys, toys, toys

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