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Free Mp3 Rock Star Kids English Songs for Elementary Age Students!

Every kid wants to be a Rock Star! I have developed these Rock-Chants for the older elementary age students (recommended age 6 and up!) to give them practice in speaking important basic phrases in English. The songs are fun, exciting, jazz, and rock styles that will get even your shyest student speaking English!

Each song contains important phrases and vocabulary that every English student should learn. Once your students master these phrases, they will be able to begin a basic level English conversation! Download all of these chants for free below! You can also read more below about the download pack with a bonus song, karaoke version and more!

Call and response style: All of these Rock-Chants utilize call and response. Your students can either repeat each phrase after me, or say the phrases with me. You can also put your students into groups, partners, or divide the class for a really fun learning experience. If your students like to dance, they can get up and dance to these songs. If your students are shy, have them sit down and repeat all of the phrases.

Title Target Vocabulary Free Download Mp3, lesson plans and more!
How Are You? Part 1 How are you? I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty click here
How Are You? Part 2 How are you? I'm sleepy, I'm angry, I'm hot, I'm cold click here
Basic Questions 1 What's your name? how old are you? where are you from? can you speak English? click here
What's Your Favorite? What's your favorite color, sport, food??? I like blue, I like soccer, etc. click here
Do You Like? Do you like blue? Yes, I do! click here
What's This? What's this? It's a pencil, It's a crayon, it's a snake (ahhh!!!) click here
Where? Where is the door? There! click here
What Do You Want? What do you want? I want a pizza! Say please! click here
What Are You Doing? What are you doing? I'm running, I'm jumping click here

Get the Rock Chant Download Pack! The Download pack comes with the following without the web ads heard on the free chants:
- 10 Rock-Chants including the bonus Get Moving chant (not a free download)
- 9 Karaoke Tracks
- A printable PDF booklet with lyrics, lesson and game ideas and a vocabulary set listing.
- Printable reward stickers!

Buy Now: Rock Star Kids MP3 Download pack for USD $9.99 $5.99: 10 Rock-Chants, 9 Karaoke Tracks, PDF Lesson Booklet, and Printable Stickers! The download pack will come in a zip file with all of the contents, there is no physical CD with the download pack. After buying the download pack securely through paypal, you will receive an email with download instructions within minutes! You can buy and learn more about our download packs in the Dream English shop.

Buy Now Rock Star Kids Download Pack for USD $9.99 $5.99 for a limited time!


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