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Rock Star Kids: What's Your Favorite?

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It is easiest to teach this vocabulary by placing a few items our flash cards on a desk, and asking your students ,“What’s your favorite color?” First, you can answer, “ I like blue.” Then ask the students. They will model after your example.

Once you have introduced the vocabulary, you are reading to press play and say the chant!

Game Idea: Have items or flash cards placed on a table, and have the students sit around them. Have one student be a leader. The other students ask the leader, “ What’s your favorite color?” If the leader answers, “ I like blue!” the students have to try to be the first to touch the blue flash card or item. You can let the leader try a few times, or the winner of each round can be the new leader. Try to give everyone a try being the leader.

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What’s Your Favorite? Lyrics

What’s your favorite?
What’s your favorite color?

I like blue
I like green
I like yellow
I like red

What’s your favorite?
What’s your favorite sport?

I like baseball
I like soccer
I like tennis
I like volleyball

What’s your favorite?
What’s your favorite food?

I like pizza
I like salad
I like hot dogs
I like tacos!

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