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Rock Star Kids: What's This?

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I always use the phrase, “ What’s this?” in my classes, so when it comes time to doing this chant, the kids are pretty used to the vocabulary. You can use flash cards or items, and just ask the kids, “What’s this?” and practice answering “ It’s a pencil.” Then, go ahead and play the chant. I also do this one sitting down sometimes and point to items in a book or a sheet of paper. Have the students say all the lyrics, it is great pronunciation practice!

Game idea: Use a set of flash cards and give one to each student. Have the students turn the flash cards towards themselves so the other students can not see. One student asks, “What’s this?” and the other students have to guess, “It’s
a pencil?” and the student holding the card can say yes or no. You can also try using the question, “Is it a pencil?”

Song By Matt R. Copyright 2010

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What’s This? Lyrics

What’s this?
What’s this? (x8)

It’s a pencil
It’s a crayon
It’s a snake
ooooh! yucky!

What’s this? (x8)

It’s a notebook
It’s an eraser
It’s a spider
ooooh! yucky!

What’s this? (x8)

It’s a pen
It’s a ruler
It’s a worm
ooooh! yucky!

What’s this? (x8)

It’s a pencil case
It’s a book bag
It’s a snail
ooooh! yucky!

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