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Color Song: I See Blue

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Song by Matt, for Educational Purposes. Copyright Dream English.

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Color Song: I See Blue Lyrics

Red, I like red
Red, I like red
Red, red, I can see red
Where is red?

Yellow, I like yellow
Yellow, I like yellow
Yellow, I can see yellow
Where is yellow?

Green, I like green
Green, I like green
Green, green, I can see green
Where is green?

Blue, I like blue
Blue, I like blue
Blue, blue, I can see blue
Where is blue?

I have to admit this is one of my favorites. I really enjoy singing this song, and it is really versatile. I have used it with kids from 1 to 12 years old. It is also great if you are just playing with one child, and want to play a fun color game. Simply play the song, and ask the child to find the color that is sung in the song.

Another fun game is to put color objects or flashcards on a desk or floor and when the students hear the name of the color in the song, they have to touch that color. They can just do this around the room too. See below for lyrics, free printable flashcards, and worksheets.

Another exercise I do often with color is read books to my students and stop and ask them what colors they can see on the page. For example, "can you see the shoes? what color are they?" You can download and print free kids books from my new site KidsEnglishBooks.com (Song by Matt R. Copyright 2008 Dream English)

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