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Lesson 1- Beginner Preschool 1-6 Years Old

This lesson plan is for a 30 minute class, but you can adjust it for a shorter or longer class. All links to songs and other materials are to free materials you can download and use in you classes right away!

1. Warm Up! (2 Minutes)
First thing always is a big smile! Then say hello to the students and have them do some simple actions, clap your hands, wash your hands, shake your hands, brush your teeth. Be sure to do the actions with them, as they will follow along with you.

2. Hello Song (3 Minutes)
Sing the Dream English Hello Song with the students and make a circle. You may choose to start the class off with this right away, but I do a bit of warm up (see above) first. This song is very simple, and to me the most important part is that the students sing the, "Hello, hello, hello" part of the song. As this is still the beginning of the class, I ease them into speaking English.

3. Circle Time (5 minutes)
During circle time I pass a small ball around the circle with the students. I always start out by saying "hello" and passing it to the student sitting next to me. That student then passes the ball to the student next to them and says "hello" We do this until the ball gets back to me. Next, I usually practice saying "Here you are,""Thank you". The student who passes the ball says "Here you are" and the student who receives the ball says, "Thank you." You can also practice things like, "How are you?" "I'm great!" as you pass the ball along.

4. My Name is Matt Practice (5 minutes)
Next sing the What's Your Name? Song with the students. Again, this is an easy song, and the students generally pick it up pretty quickly. After singing, you can sit down in a circle again and pass the ball if you like. This time asking "what's your name?". For young students, it make take them a few weeks to pick up this language, so don't push them to hard. If they can't say it yet, say it for them.

5. Numbers (5 minutes)

I review numbers every class with young students. I think that numbers are not only useful, but also are good for pronunciation practice. You can use the flash cards from One Fish Counting song and practice 1 to 10. Simply hold up the flash card and say the number on the card. The students will pick this up quickly.
Numbers game- after drilling the numbers with the students, ask them to close their eyes and count to ten. Next, place the flash cards around the room. Ask the students to open their eyes. Next ask the students to find certain numbers. For example, "find 3". When they find it, if they are old enough, ask them to say, "I Found it!" Sing Let's Count 1 to 10

6. Book reading time (5 minutes)
After the students have been a bit active, as with the Numbers game above, I like to settle them down with a book. You can use any book you have in your library that you feel is well suited to their age. You are also free to download and print any of the free books from the new Dream English site KidsEnglishBooks.com. I read a book to the students every class, often asking them questions about what they see on the page to get them involved. For example, "can you see the balloons? how many are there?" As their English becomes more advanced, so will the questions you can ask them.

7. Action Time or TPR time (2 minutes)
I always like to do some actions with the kids. One simple one to start off with is body parts-touch your nose, etc. I generally go through all the main body parts, then we sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

8. Goodbye Song (3 minutes)
The Goodbye Song has a lot of actions, so even young students can follow along. I always sing this at the end of the class, as it lets students know that the class is over. At the end, I always say, "Goodbye, thank you, see you!" to my students with a big smile so they know they have done a great job!

This is a rough outline of what I think is a pretty good class schedule. Give it a try, and see how it goes for you. You may want to make some adjustments, as the time is relative to class size, etc. I often also use coloring time as a way to settle young energetic students. I have some ready to print animal coloring sheets here you can download and use in your classes. You may also want to have a few more things planned in case the lesson goes quicker than expected. For many more class ideas, check out the free songs with lesson ideas. Good luck, and most of all have fun!






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