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On this page you can listen to new and upcoming songs from Dream English. These songs are not free downloads, so they can only be listened to on this page. For the Dream English free download songs, please click here. If you like the song you can purchase an mp3. See below for more details. More songs coming soon, so check back!

Click on a song title or the play button to listen! If you start with song 1 it will play all the songs. Enjoy!
All songs copyright 2010 Dream English.

Song 1: ABC Rock Song
Song 2: Favorite Season
Song 3: I Can Eat A Lot
Song 4: Future Kid
Song 5: Directions Song
Song 6: What Can You Recycle?

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The songs below contain a high quality mp3 file and printable lyrics. After purchasing the song through paypal you will receive an email with a link to download the song. With the purchased song you can burn the mp3's onto a CDr for home or classroom use.

All individual songs in the radio shop are USD $0.99 and they do not have the radio ads as heard above. To see more songs and Download Pack options, please visit the shop. Please note that these songs are not currently available for free download or in any other download pack, except for the ABC Rock Song which is available in the Special Pack. Please feel free to email me with any questions: matt@dreamenglish.com Thank you for your support of Dream English!

Song Name Buy Now Button View Cart
ABC Rock Song Available in the Special Pack click here for more info!
Favorite Season USD $0.99 Add to Cart View Cart
I Can Eat A Lot USD $0.99 Add to Cart View Cart
Future Kid USD $0.99 Add to Cart View Cart
Directions Song USD $0.99 Add to Cart View Cart
What Can You Recyle? USD $0.99 Add to Cart View Cart
More Songs to Come!  





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