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New Online Games!! Sounds Right!

Try these fun, free online games for kids! I am excited to bring these great games to you. Created together with Cambridge English Online Click on the Game title to go to the game page!

Please check out this video below for a very clever way to play the Sounds Right game if you have a projector. Thank you Bryant for the great Video!

Fun and Easy Kids Games for the Classroom!

  • When teaching young kids games are really useful. You only need to know a few games you can use over and over!
  • These are my students favorite games!
  • These games are easy to adapt to different vocabulary, and the main thing you need to play them is flash cards!
  • These games can be played with small classes of a few kids, to really large classes!
  • Always be careful of children's surroundings when playing any game. Safety is most important!

    If you have a game suggestion, please email it to me and I will put it on this page with a credit to you!
    Also, there are now free small printable game cards available for the following topics: Animals, Feelings, Fruit, Shapes, and Weather.

    Great Games for Young Learners:

    1. Tower Game-(Ages 4 and up) This is a really simple game that you can use with any flash card set and a set of paper cups. Learn more here. New! Watch a video on how to play the Tower Game.

    2. Easy Ball Toss Game with Flashcards. (Ages 2 and Up) Learn more here.

    3. The Sit Down Game- (Ages 2 and up) Fun and easy game to use with any vocabulary set. Learn more here.

    4. Easy Counting Game. (Ages 1 and up) Learn more here.

    5. What’s Your Name? Musical Chairs- (Ages 6 and up) fun basic questions game with music. Learn more here.

    6. What's Missing? Game- (Ages 3 and up) simple memory game. Learn more here.

    7. Musical Basic Questions-(Ages 6 and up) fun game to get the kids moving and asking questions. Learn more here.

    8.Timer Games-(Ages 4 and up) race against the clock, kids love this. Learn more here.

    9.Colors Board Game- (Ages 4 and up) board game for learning colors. Learn more here.

    10. Simple put in order games-(Ages 1 and up) great for any age. Learn more here.

    Your Game Ideas! These are great game ideas sent in by you, the teachers. What's your game idea? Please let me know.

    1. Manequin Game- Fantastic body parts game.- Sent in by Mercedes B. from Argentina

    2. Fun Food Game
    - Sent in by Wilma V. who teaches in the Netherlands

    3. Memory Game Using Flash Cards- Sent in by Romina G. from Argentina

    4. A Fun Flash Card game- Sent in by Katarina from Slovakia






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