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DEKSDream English Kids Songs Volume 1!

Below is a list of all the songs from Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1. Click on a song title to be directed to a page with an mp3 song sample and lesson plans, and flashcard links where available. You can also hear a sample by pressing on the play icon below. If there is no play icon, then please go to the webpage to hear the song.

To purchase Dream English Kids Songs as a download pack, or CD, please click here to go to the shop. You can also purchase MP3's of the songs individually for US $.99, the download pack is $8.99.

Free download songs are indicated by (free download).  Please note that the free download songs have a short advertisement. The songs for purchase have no advertisement. Thank you.

Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1 Song Title

What's Your Name?

play Teach kids how to say My name is .....

It's a Dog

play Fun animal song

I Can Walk

play I can walk, swim, etc.
Let's Count 1 to 10! (free download)
Counting from 1 to 10
 Let's Count 10 to 1! Counting from 10 to 1

Numbers Blues

play Counting and actions
ABC Traditional (free download) Traditional ABC song
Apple, Banana, Cat, ABC!
play ABC song with fun vocabulary
Trick or Treat (I Like Candy)  Halloween Song

How's The Weather

play How's the weather? It's sunny!

Goodbye Song

Special Best Seller Pricing! Buy this individual song for US $.59

play Great song to end your class! I have been using this song to end my classes everday for over a year, kids love it.
ABC Phonics (free download) Let's practice phonics together.

Dream English Kids Songs Volume 2

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