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Put On Your Shoes! Clothing Song

This song is really easy to sing-a-long with. I teach this song by first pretending with the kids that we are putting on our shoes, etc, then start singing! See below for lyrics. More lesson plans and game ideas coming soon.

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(Song By Matt R. Copyright Dream English 2008)

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MES English has some great free clothing flashcards. Click here to go to MES English.

Put on your shoes!

Put on, put on, put on your shoes
Put on, put on, put on your shoes
Put on your shoes, your shoes! (repeat)
Put on, put on, put on your pants (repeat)
Put on your pants, your pants! (repeat)
Put on, put on, put on your shirt (repeat)
Put on your shirt, your shirt! (repeat)
Put on, put on, put on your hat (repeat)
Put on your shirt, your hat! (repeat)
I’m ready, let’s go! Goodbye!


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