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Dream English Kids Songs Volume 2 is now available exclusively as a download pack! The Download Pack contains all 11 songs of the album plus the lyrics. You can preview most of the songs from Kids Songs 2 on the Free Download Page. The download pack contains all of the songs, without the web ads heard on the free download, plus a pdf file of the lyrics, and it's only $8.99!!! how cool is that? Also, for you audiophiles, the mp3's are higher quality than the free downloads. Dream English Kids Songs Volume 2 Song List:

1. Wake Up
2. How Are You? I'm Happy!
3. Put on your shoes
4. Let's Go to the Park
5. Let's Count to 20
6. Color Song: I Can See Blue
7. Family Song
8. Hokey Pokey

9. All Around The Kitchen
10. What are you for Halloween?
11. Jingle Bells

To purchase Dream English Kids Songs 2 and see our special Download Pack offers please visit the Online Store:

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