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Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1 is popular with both native and non native English speakers. The songs are fun, danceable, and will put a smile on you and your kids faces. Kids Songs 1 is now available exclusively as a download pack! The Download Pack contains all 12 songs of the album plus 3 karaoke versions and the lyrics. You can preview most of the songs from Kids Songs 1 on the Free Download Page. The download pack contains all of the songs, without the web ads heard on the free downloads, plus a pdf file of the lyrics, and its only $8.99! Also, for you audiophiles, the mp3's are higher quality than the free downloads.

Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1 Song List:

1. What's Your Name?
2. It's A Dog
3. I Can Walk
4. Let's Count 1 to 10
5. Let's Count 10 to 1 (Bonus Track, not a free download)
6. Numbers Blues (Bonus Track, not a free download, click here for a lesson page and sample)
7. ABC (Traditional)
8. Apple, Banana, Cat, ABC
9. Trick or Treat (I Like Candy) (Bonus Track)
10. How's the Weather?
11. Goodbye
12. Phonics (This track is of all the phonics sounds from A to Z)
13-15. Karaoke versions of Tracks 1-3

To purchase Dream English Kids Songs 1 and see our special Download Pack offers please visit the Online Store:

Dream English Kids Songs Volume 1 Reviews:
The Download Pack is just lovely!! Just what I needed for my
classes...Thank you.
-Michela-Florence (Firenze) Italy-Teacher at State Schools

Matt, your songs are great, the kids just want to sing the numbers everyday, you should see how they smile and jump with it. And the alphabet has just the right pace for them, is not as fast as other versions and is very rhythmical, so thanks very much for your songs, all the kids love them.
-Lissette, Mexico

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