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Free Mp3 Chant Download: This is a Bat! A Very Scary Bat!

This chant is a bit more challenging, and is really helpful for children practicing longer sentences. This chant also uses the vocabulary in the fantastic free MES English Halloween Flash Cards. I always write out the lyrics on the board, so the students can practice reading while they are chanting. This is really helpful! Lyrics below.

Free Mp3: This is a Bat! Halloween Chant (copyright Dream English)
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Game Idea: Use some small game cards and play a matching game. When students pick up the cards, they have to say, " This is a bat, a very scary bat!." Once they get a match be sure that they say, " I got a match!"

Lyrics for the This is a Bat! Chant:

This is a bat. This is a bat.
A very scary bat. A very scary bat.

This is a black cat. This is a black cat
A very scary black cat. A very scary black cat

This is a witch. This is a witch.
A very scary witch. A very scary witch

This is a spider. This is a spider.
A very scary spider. A very scary spider.

This is a skeleton. This is a skeleton.
A very scary skeleton. A very scary skeleton.

This is a vampire. This is a vampire.
A very scary vampire. A very scary vampire.

This is a hanuted house. This is a hanuted house
A very scary hounted house. A very scary haunted house.

This is a ghost. This is a ghost.
A very scary ghost. A very scary ghost.


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