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Free Mp3 Song Download: My Favorite Pumpkin

This is a brand new Dream English Song that will get your kids dancing and singing this halloween. You can download it for free and use it in your classes or with your kids. It uses counting and actions for a really fun song. There is also a free printable picture book that goes with this song, and free printables. For how to teach, game ideas,lyrics and free printables, see below.

Free Mp3: This Is My Favorite Pumpkin (copyright Dream English)

This is how we sing this song in class:

This is a fun cartoon to show your students:

Free Printable Picture Book:
Please visit KidsEnglishBooks.com to download and print the picture book that matches with this song. Please click here to go to the My Favorite Pumpkin page at KidsEnglishBooks.com Watch a video of the book here:

Free Printable Pumpkin Worksheets:
Click on the worksheet title below to download the pdf
Worksheet 1: My Favorite Pumpkin- Make Your own- see above for the My Favorite Pumpkin Song!
Worksheet 2: Count how many pumpkins and Match them to the correct number!

How To Teach:
First read the "My Favorite Pumpkin" book to your students. You can download that here at KidsEnglisBooks.com. Then simply play the song, and sing a dance. You can make up your own fun dance, kids will love it. You can also print out and use the Make Your Own: Favorite Pumkin sheets below. When the kids are singing the song, have them hold up their own pumkin. This would be a great idea for a halloween party too!

Game Idea: Prepare 2 sets of pumkins and with separate eyes, nose, and mouth. Make 2 teams, and place the pumkin without the eyes, nose and mouth at one side of the room, and the students at the other. Call out the names of the face parts, and ask the students to pick them up, and put them on the pumkin face. For example, "get the eyes"! If there are many kids, you can print out several sets of the eyes, and they can make a really funny pumpkin face!


This is my favorite pumpkin (x4)

It has 1 scary nose (1 nose)
2 scary eyes (1, 2)
3 scary teeth (1,2,3)

Scary, scary, ahh!!

This is my favorite pumpkin (x4)
My pumpkin can jump (jump, jump)
my pumpkin can dance (dance, dance)
my pumpkin can spin (spin, spin)
scary, scary, ahhh!!!

This is my favorite pumpkin (x4)

It has 1 scary nose (1 nose)
2 scary eyes (1, 2)
3 scary teeth (1,2,3)

This is my favorite pumpkin (x4)

Happy Halloween!

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