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Eigo Note Japan's English Textbook for Elementary School Students

I am currently teaching in Japan, and there has been a lot of talk about the Eigo Notebook. The Eigo Note is the textbook/curriculum that will be used in Japanese Elementary schools. I am just starting this page, but below I will list Dream English Free Materials that can be used along with each Lesson of the Eigo Notebook. I hope you will find this page useful, and I plan to add more as I learn more about the curriculum. Happy Teaching!

These suggestions are to supplement the Expressions portion of the curriculum, all materials are free to download and use in your class:

Eigo Notebook 5th Grade Curriculum:

Lesson 1 Expressions: What's Your Name? My name is Ken. Nice to meet you.
The Dream English song What's Your Name? contains all of these expressions download the free mp3 and lesson ideas here.

Lesson 2 Expressions: How are you? I'm Happy.
The Dream English Song How are You? I'm Happy contains these expressions and more download the free mp3 here. There are also matching flash cards on the page.
You may also want to try the Feelings Chants, you can download those here.
KidsEnglishBooks.com has a free printable "How are you?" book with matching audio.

Lesson 3 Expressions: How Many? Five.
Learn to count with the Let's Count Song or the One Fish Song with matching flashcards.
KidsEnglishBooks.com has a free printable counting book.

Lesson 4 Expressions: Do you like apples? Yes, I do/No, I don't. I like bananas. Thank you.
The I Like Apples song has the expression, " I like Bananas" The page also has fruit flashcards
KidsEnglishBooks.com has a free printable "I Liike Apples" book with matching audio.

Lesson 5 Expressions: I don't like blue.
Download the free "I don't like red" colors chant here.

Lesson 6 Expressions: What do you want? Melon, please.
Materials coming soon.

Lesson 7 Expressions: What's this? It's a pencil.
Downlod the free "What's this? It's a pencil" chant for free here.

Lesson 8 and 9 Materials Coming Soon!

Eigo Notebook 6th Grade Curriculum: Coming Soon!






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