What Color Is It? Song Free MP3 Download

I love this song for teaching colors. It uses question and answer vocabulary to teach 11 colors. Children love singing along and running around the room touching the colors they hear in the song. Download the free mp3 below the video! You can use the song download or video in your class!

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About the Song Download

Songs are copyright Dream English. You can use the song in your home, car, or classroom.
The song can not be used in a YouTube video, or other commercial project. Thank you for your cooperation!

How do I download and save a free song?

1. Right-click on the song download button on the song page. (Mac users Control-click)
2. Next, save link as, or Mac users Download Linked file, and go to the folder where you want to save the mp3 file.

Lesson Ideas

1. Play the video or song a second time, and have the students go around your classroom and touch the colors that you hear. For example, when it says "It's red" in the video, the students should find something red to touch.
2. Use color flashcards and quiz the students about the colors. Next, ask the students to stand up and spin around if they are wearing clothes with the same color as the flashcard.


What color is it? What color is it?
It's red. It's red.
(repeat with yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue, brown, black, gray, white)