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Addition Songs:

+ 2 Song

+ 5 Song

Doubling Song

Subtraction Songs:

- 2 Song

- 3 Song

- 5 Song

- 10 Song

Halving Song

Multiplication Songs:

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Math Songs: Times Tables Apps now Available!
US App Store links:
Math Songs Times Table 1x-6x HD iPad
Math Songs Times Tables 7x-12x HD iPad
Math Songs 1x-6x iPhone
Math Songs 7x-12x iPhone
UK app Store Links:
Maths Songs Times Table 1x-6x HD iPad
Maths Songs Times Table 7x-12x HD iPad

Or search Math Songs Times Tables in your local App store!

Math Songs Addition App

Memorize maths and multiplication through music!


Welcome to the most unique, rocking Times Tables apps series ever! Our 6 sing-along song videos plus 6 against-the-clock song games (for 1x to 6x) offer a unique, fun way to you help learn, practise and master the Times Tables. Simply sing along and enjoy! You’ll start to learn and perfect the times tables just by listening.

Each song video has two parts. The first part teaches the times table; the second part helps practise counting up/on by that number – giving you two times table-focussed techniques in one song! Songs are created in partnership with DreamEnglish.com (over 70 million YouTube song views and counting!). Even if you don’t like maths they’ll have you tapping your toes to the times tables.



Each song-game tests the player’s times table they learned in the songs, but don’t worry each game comes with help too, so you can keep on playing even if you are stuck. Plus, the app’s supported by lots of useful teaching ideas and tips.

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