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What's Missing? Game- Games for the Classroom!

  • Recommended Ages: 3 and up.
  • Materials: Flash cards

    How To Play: This is a really easy one that can be played in two basic ways. For smaller classes, pick 2 or 3 flash cards and show them to the students. Next, place them with the picture facing away lined up in a row. If you have 3 cards places, turn around 2 cards and ask the students what card is missing (not showing). Kids love this guessing game

    For Larger Classes: Ask 2 or 3 students to be volunteers and have them hold the flash cards and say the word on the card. Next, ask the students to turn the cards facing away from the class. Then ask 1 (or 2) students to show their cards. Now the students have to guess the remaining card that is not showing.

    Variation: If you want to use just 2 student volunteers, first give them the flash card and ask them to say the name. Next, have both of the students turn their cards around. Now ask the student's a question like "Who has the apple card? Jim or Sara?" and the students have to either point or say the students name. Simple again, but students love it, and it is a great vocabulary reviewer!

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