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The Tower Game - Games for the Classroom!

  • Recommended Ages: 4 and up.
  • Materials: Flash Cards and Paper Cups.

    How To Play: This is a really simple game that you can use with any flash card set. You do need a set of paper cups to play this. After teaching a set of flash card vocabulary, simply use the flash cards and cups to build a tower with the students.

    You will need to use laminated flash cards for this to work. Place a cup on the table and ask the student's a question, "What's this?" When they answer correctly, they can place the flash card on the cup. Put another cup on top of that flash card, and repeat with the next student until you run out of flash cards, or the tower falls over.

    You can use a lot of good phrases here like, "be careful" and "Oh, no!". Also, this game can be adapted for any flash card and question set. Click here for the ready to print Dream English Flash Cards.

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