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Timer Game- Games for the Classroom!

  • Recommended Ages: 4 and up.
  • Materials: Flash Cards and clock or timer.

    How To Play: This game requires either a clock with a second hand, or a timer. Kids love to race against a clock, and this is a very versatile tool. One thing I do is have the students sit in a circle. We choose a number card, and the students take turns passing around the number and saying the name. I usually ask the kids how many times they think we can go around the circle in 30 seconds. They answer 1 or 2 times. Then I start the timer and we see if we can make it. You can also watch a clock hand if you don't have a timer.

    Variations: This game is very versatile, and also great for older kids. They can use basic questions, "What's your name?" or more complicated questions. For example when doing the number, the students have to ask the student next to them, "What number?" then the student they hand the card to has to answer, "2" before asking the next student, "What number".

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