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Musical Basic Questions Game- Games for the Classroom!

  • Recommended Ages: 6 and up.
  • Materials: Kids Songs

    How To Play: This is a really easy and active game. Choose any song, though I usually use What's Your Name? Ask the students to walk around in a circle and sing the song when the song is playing. Suddenly stop the song. The students have to find a partner, ask a question to each other, then sit down. For example, before you start playing the song say, "This time find a partner and ask "What's Your Name?" Next time choose another question like "how old are you?" or "what color do you like". Tell the students that they have to choose a different partner each time.

    For this game it is important to teach the question phrases first before you play the game. Assist the students if they need help with the questions during the game.

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