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Easy Ball Toss Game- Games for the Classroom!

  • Recommended Ages: 2 and up.
  • Materials: Flash Cards and small ball and basket.

    How To Play: Sometimes it can be hard to keep get young learners to sit still. They have a lot of energy! I use a really simple game to teach vocabulary: The Ball Toss Game. All you need is a small basket, a ball, and some flashcards. Ask the students to sit down and put the basket a few feet in front of them. You can adjust the distance depending on their age. Simply show the flashcard to the students, and ask them to repeat after you. Once they say the word correctly, they win the opportunity to try and get a point by tossing the ball in the basket. Simple, but effective.

    For older children: age 7-12 You can use the same game with older students, but instead of drilling vocabulary ask them basic questions. For example, ask them what color they like, where they live, etc. If they get the answer correctly, they can try to
    get the ball in the basket. Good luck!

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