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Free Online English Class For Kids: Let's Learn English Together!

I am just starting this page, and there will be much more to come as I add videos and materials. In the meantime, this is a great place for your students or children to begin learning English. All the materials are free. Watch the videos, and follow the instructions for offline practice. The videos are short 1-2 minutes. You can do a unit in one day, or spread it out over a week. Also, be sure to review!

This course can be used by parents, or by teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Use it in the class room, or as a model for your own course. Have fun, and feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions. - Matt

Beginners Unit 1: Fruit and ABC's. Watch the videos to learn basic fruit vocabulary, and sing along to the ABC Song!

Let's Warm Up! Happy/Sad Video

What's Your Name? Learn how to say, " My Name is.....". Watch the song video!

Introduction to Fruit: Let's Practice English Fruit Video

I Like Apples: Song Video. Learn how to say, " I Like Apples"

Let's Sing the ABC's: ABC Video

Offline Follow Up: Go to the Fruit Page, download and print the fruit song and flash cards and practice saying the fruit names with your students/children. Play a simple touch game. Ask the students to touch the fruit that they like! Go to the ABC Page, download the free song, and practice, practice, practice : )
Reading Time: I Like Apples free PDF Book with matching audio.

Beginners Unit 2: Animals and Numbers. Watch the videos to learn basic Numbers and Animals.

Let's Warm Up! Go/Stop Video

Introduction to Animal Names: Let's Practice English Animals Video.

Numbers: Let's Practice English Numbers Video

Offline Follow Up: Go to the Animal page, download the "It's a Dog" song and sing it with your students/children. Use the flash cards and play a simple memory game. For numbers, go to the numbers page, and download "Let's Count 1 to 10" sing the song!
Reading Time: Let's Count free printable book.

Beginners Unit 3: Color and Feelings: Watch the videos to learn the basic Colors and Feelings.

Let's Warm Up! Up/Down Video (coming soon) in the meantime please review Happy/Sad

Introduction to Colors: Let's Practice English Colors Video

Color Song Video: Can you find the color?

Introduction to Feelings: Let's Practice English Feelings Video

Offline Follow Up: Go to the Color Page, download the Color Song, flash cards, and worksheets. Use the ideas on the page to review the colors. Go to the Feelings page, download the feelings song and flash cards, take turns saying how you are feeling.
Reading Time: How Are You? Free download pdf book with matching audio.

Beginners Unit 4: Weather and Shapes: Watch the videos to learn the basic Weather and Shapes!

Let's Warm Up! Brush Your Teeth/ Wash Your Face Video (coming soon) in the meantime review Happy/Sad

Introduction to Weather: Let's Practice English Weather Video

Weather Song Video: The Sun Comes Up!

Introduction to Shapes: Let's Practice English Shapes Video

Review Time: ABC Video (Matt's note: you can and should review all the videos and Units, this is just a happy reminder to do so : )

Offline Follow Up: Go to the Weather Page and download the free song and flash cards. Sing the song and review the vocabulary. Go to the Shapes page, download the free song and practice the shapes while singing the song!
Reading Time: The Shapes Book from KidsEnglishBooks.com a free printable Download.

More Units Coming Soon! Please sign up on our email list on the home page (at the bottom) to keep informed.

For book reading time, please check out my new site with free downloadable and printable kids books, KidsEnglishBooks.com




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Also, feel free to email me with any questions!
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