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What is Dream English?
The goal of Dream English is simple: make educational music that is not only filled with important phrases and grammar, but is also enjoyable to listen to. My hope is that people will listen to the music not only because it is educational, but also because they truly enjoy the music!

Who is Matt? How did Dream English begin?
Hi! I'm Matt, the creator of Dream English. I am a musician, songwriter, and teacher. I started teaching English to young children in 2007, and put my musical training to work making songs for kids to learn English. In 2009, I began making song videos for YouTube to share my songs to students around the world. The Dream English Kids YouTube channel now has over 1 Million Subscribers! Thanks for your support!

Can I listen to your songs if I am a native English speaker?
Yes! This website is visited everyday by people in over 50 countries, many of those countries have English as their first language. I have received many emails from English speaking parents whose children enjoy the songs as well!

Why do you have most of your songs and chants available for free download?
I started this site out to sell my music. However, I put up a few free downloads and had a great response from people. After putting up my version of Jingle Bells, I got thank you notes from people in over 30 countries! This encouraged me to put a few more downloads, then I received more and more thank you notes. Many people said they aren’t able to buy a CD for a number of reasons, and my music is very helpful to them, their students and children. This encouraged me to put even more free downloads.

If your songs are available for free download, why do you also sell them?
The songs for sale are a bit higher quality mp3’s and don’t have the web add as heard on the free downloads. The sales of these CD’s and download packs help me to pay for this website, so I can continue to bring you great music! If you use these songs often with your students, I encourage you to buy a CD or download pack. It will not only help me, but the thousands of people who benefit from me being able to give away the songs for free.

How do I download a free song?
It is really easy! go to the Free Download page, pick a song title you want to check out and go to that web page. Once you are there, it will have a link to download the song, simply click on it and the song will download. If you are a pc user, you will need to right click on your mouse to download and save. In order to burn it to a cd for class or home use, you have to bring the song into an mp3 player. If you don't have one, I recommend I Tunes because it is a free download.

How do you write your songs?
Each Dream English song can take up to a few months to write and record. I start with an idea, then I record a demo version or play it on my guitar in my classes with the students. I do this until I get the song just right for learning, and then I record it for everyone to hear!

What does the future hold for Dream English:

My Dream is to be able to perform concerts of my music to children around the world. I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces and singing along with you!

Do you have any other websites with English Education materials for Children?
I have 3 other websites, here they are:
Freeabcsongs.com A website with Traditional Kids Songs like Twinkle, Twinkle and Row your Boat, all free downloads.
123listening.com a website with free downloadable audio files and matching worksheet listening exercises for kids.
KidsEnglishBooks.com- Download free printable children's books.

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If I have more questions, can I contact you?
Yes, please feel free to email me.




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