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The Letter J: Free Phonics Song, Touch and Say Lesson And Worksheet

How to teach: You can download and use all of these resources in the classroom with your students, or at home with your children. You may want to start with the Touch and Say Lesson, or the Song. Use the flashcards or worksheets, repeat the phonics sounds your hear in the mp3 and point to the matching flashcard or the worksheet. If you are using the worksheet, guide your students in writing the letters. Also, don't forget to review the previous letters when you start a new letter. Remember, smile and have fun!

Dream English Touch and Say Phonics Program Audio:Click on the title to download the free mp3.

J Song: Juice, Jacket

Touch and Say Lesson: J

Dream English Touch and Say Phonics Program Printables: Click on the link to download the ready to print PDF.

Phonics Worksheet: Upper Case J

Phonics Worksheet: Lower Case j

Flashcard J: Juice, Jacket

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